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Silver Candy Buffet

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Silver candy comes in many shapes and sizes. Find hard candy, M&Ms, Sixlets, salt water taffy, stick candy and many more varieties of rouge colored bulk candy. It is a great color for occasions where love is the theme like Valentine’s Day and candy buffets at wedding receptions.

shop for silver candyMake your next holiday party sparkle with an array of delicious and eye-catching silver candy. A theme of silver gives your house a cheerful and festive feel that is perfect for the holidays and fun family get togethers. Indulge in some mouth watering silver dark chocolate mint squares while you exchange presents and catch up on lost time with loved ones. Another orange sweater from Grandma? Hey, at least you can munch on a few silver Jordan Almonds to ease the pain.

Silver candy is also perfect for 25th Anniversary (also called “Silver” Anniversary) parties. Celebrate 25 years of marital bliss with decorations that really sparkle- and taste delicious. Silver milk chocolate hearts say it all. Show your romantic side with Hershey’s Kisses everywhere- no rose petals necessary. > > >Shop for Silver Candy Candy Store!

Silver candy makes for a gorgeous addition to any candy display. With its shiny chrome color it brings a touch of glamour and class to your candy buffet or party favors. From silver M&Ms to Hershey’s kisses and hard candy there are a lot of great options for decorating with bulk candy in silver.